Beach Volleyball National Events™

The time has come to bring all our events together under one brand, with one system for points and ratings. The BVNE™ is the new name for all of Team WAVE’s events. All events are directly managed by Daron Forbes, the founder of We Are Volleyball Elite. The BVNE will be your one stop shopping for the best events in beach volleyball.

  • Beach volleyball college recruiting showcase
  • Juniors club beach league
  • Collegiate beach volleyball league CBVL
  • The Queen of the Beach® volleyball tournament series QOB

Now Here’s the big news!

The BVNE and We Are Volleyball Elite have partnered with Queen of the Beach® to bring you an endless tournament series running year round. By this Christmas a year round set of dates for beach volleyball tournaments will be released covering locations from Huntington Beach to Santa Monica. We will have a series of six events where tournemnt winners can earn a bid into the GrandSLAM Championship Event in August.

A total of the top 20 teams per division will be allowed to participate in the BVNE GrandSLAM. Only the top six teams who win a bid series at one of our six BVNE SLAM events will be guaranteed entry into the BVNE GrandSLAM. The remaining spots will be sent via email by invitation only, one week prior to the BVNE GrandSLAM. On day two the top four teams in each division will receive an invite to play in the Queen of the Beach® tournament.

Points can be earned at three of our four tournament series. Now more than ever, it will matters where you play. Visit our website at to see all four BVNE tours. See you all on the beach!

Team WAVE is well known for its role hosting past beach volleyball events. Here is the list of our events covering all levels of play.

This coming February 4th will be our next national college recruiting showcase in Santa Monica. We are proud of our work and believe you will be too. You can now earn points in the showcase starting in 2018 towards the Endless-QOB tournaments.


The juniors beach club vs. club volleyball series runs from January to June with eight tournaments and a championship event crowning the club with the highest points “Best Beach Club”. We will also crown a Queen of the Beach winner in high school division 1, 14U, 12U, and our new starter division. You can now earn points in the club league starting in 2018 towards the QOB tournaments.


This is our inaugural season and we will offer a place for NAIA member colleges, junior colleges and other schools to compete without the hassle of creating, managing, and keeping track of scores and points every year. The CBVL™ will host events so schools can play other schools while in season for extra tournaments and to continue to refine their skills.


The QOB volleyball series will running year round! You can earn points any month of the year! We will host men’s, women’s and junior’s boys and girl’s events through Southern California starting with 22 events in 2018 to kick off the season. We will run events year round with rizes will varying at each event in the form of gift certificates  or actual product from BreakWater Shades, Kauai Bikinis, Queen of the Beach® depending on the event.

Our next events:

Clinic:February 3rd, 2018 in Santa Monica

Showcase: February 4th in Santa Monica

Showcase:  June 10th in Santa Monica

See all the details at our website