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Jimmy Forbes Volleyball Foundation

7-20-1941 – 4-16-2010

Jimmy Forbes passed away on Friday, April 16, 2010 of an ongoing lung disorder at his home in Manhattan Beach. Jimmy is survived by his wife of 21 years, Daron Forbes; and his twin son, Niko (14) and daughter, Presley (14) all of Manhattan Beach, California; and daughters, Laurie Koebler of Temecula, California and Jennifer Marreros of Westminster, California. James Robert Forbes was born July 20, 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio. His family moved to Long Beach when he was a freshman in high school, and he put himself through an undergraduate degree at Long Beach State and a master’s degree at USC. He served in the U.S. Army in the early 60s just before the advent of the Vietnam War. He went on to a successful career as a real estate mogul, doing business with the legendary T. Boone Pickens among others. Jimmy Forbes met his bride of 21-1/2 years, Daron in 1997 in his real estate dealings and the Forbes family has been a staple on the strand and volleyball courts for the last decade. Presley and Niko Forbes are very active and successful volleyball players, both in beach tournaments and on indoor courts. Daron is also involved in the South Bay real estate scene, as well as a volleyball player and active mother in the lives of Niko and Daron. In honor of his life, the Jimmy Forbes Volleyball Foundation has been established in conjunction with We Are Volleyball Elite to allow players from needy families who want to participate in a positive volleyball experience that they could not otherwise afford. Jimmy Forbes fervent hope was that every child who wanted to participate in a positive volleyball experience would be able to and the Jimmy Forbes Volleyball Foundation has been created to allow this to occur. The Beach Cities Ski Club is started this up with a check for $5000 to be presented to the We Are Volleyball Elite as part of their family assistance program at a celebration of life for Jimmy Forbes, taking place on May 29th. The South Bay is certainly a better place because of families and patriarchs like Jimmy Forbes, but is now a little lonelier because of his passing.

If you’re interested in donating to the Jimmy Forbes Volleyball Foundation please make a check payable to We Are Volleyball Elite, put Jimmy Forbes Volleyball Elite on the note section of the check, and send to the WAVE offices at 620 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach CA 90266.

For every $50.00 donation you will receive a Wave Wear shirt as seen in the LMFAO video “Sexy And I Know It”.

Thank you for keeping Jimmy’s dreams alive.  He is missed every day but not forgotten.  Everyday we step in the gym we think of you Jimmy!!!!!

Starting off the 2014 donations we would like to thank the Potdevin family for there generosity and making a donation to Team WAVE.