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Team WAVE South Bay Practice Location:

Adventure Plex

1701 Marine Avenue,

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

12U Girls team practice time:

13U Girls team practice time

14U Girls team practice time

16U Girls team

16u Boys team

Team WAVE is committed to competing at a high level and our 12U, 14U & 16U Girls teams will attempt to qualify in local tournaments. Our older teams (15 & up girls) will have one out of state tournament in attempt to qualify for Junior Olympics. Post Season Tournaments, Team WAVE will be participating in Junior Olympics, if we qualify, or the AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida or The Arizona Volleyball Festival in Phoenix.

Team WAVE Boys will attempt to qualify in local tournaments. Post Season tournaments, Team WAVE will be participating in Junior Olympics.


Welcome To Team W.A.V.E. Volleyball Manhattan Beach

What is Club Volleyball? Club volleyball is a national developmental program for boys and girls through the 12th grade. It involves specialized training with coaches who have advanced training and experience. These clubs are comprised of girls and boys from senior, middle and elementary schools from a specific geographical area. These clubs compete within a “region”. Ours is the Southern California Region, which encompasses clubs from San Luis Obispo to San Diego and east to Las Vegas, Nevada. Individual teams are divided into age groups: 12 & under, 13/14 & under, 15 & under, 16 & under and 17/18 & under. All clubs fall under the guidance of the United States Volleyball Association (USVBA), which is the governing body for volleyball in the United States, including the Olympic Team/USA National Team programs.

Team W.A.V.E. Volleyball Club is beginning its 2nd year of developing players for competition at elementary school, middle school, high school and national levels. Our goal is to help players earn volleyball scholarships to NCAA Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA colleges and universities.

AdventurePlex home of Team W.A.V.E.

The home of Team W.A.V.E. Volleyball Club is AdventurePlex. AdventurePlex is located at 1701 Marine Avenue, Manhattan Beach, 90266. During the hours of practice, Court-side Café has made-to-order salads, homemade soups, wraps and sandwiches available. Natural juices, real fruit smoothies, fresh-baked muffins and cookies to satisfy your cravings for sweets, but without the unhealthy processed ingredients will also be available. AdventurePlex is a playground for kids with fitness & yoga, rock & ropes, dance, sports and fitness and much more. Many Team W.A.V.E. player’s, family members often visit the play structure while their older sibling is in practice, fees apply.

2013/2014 COACHES

12u Skyler McCoy/Jordon Dyer
14-1’s Jose Loiola/Jordon Dyer/Marty Lorenz
15’s Tori Grafeman/Marty Lorenz/Jordon Dyer
16u Girls Marcio Sicoli/Sydney Donahue
16 Boys Skyler McCoy/Marty Lorenz/ Jordon Dyer

Club Director
Daron Forbes – Club Director
Daron is a former Lead Underwriter on Wall-street who fell in love with the game of volleyball at the age of 25 and began participating in amateur beach tournaments up and down the West Coast. This businesswoman turned volleyball enthusiast has decided to take on the venture to promote the sport that she loves. Daron coached the Manhattan Beach Middle School team in 2011, West Torrance High School Head Coach Freshman boys 2013. Daron is currently coaching at Rivera Elementary School.

Tuition covers the following expenses for the current season:

USVBA team and individual player registration, which includes liability insurance for our practice sites and excess medical insurance for the players and coaches.
Coaches pay, for practices and regular season tournaments
Coaches USVBA registration
Uniforms – including jerseys, practice t-shirt, jacket, spandex shorts and a bag.
Gym rentals and deposits and any necessary training equipment
SCVA Qualifying tournaments, SCVA Points tournaments, Boy’s Holiday Classic, Boys Invitational, Girls Junior National Qualifier in Anaheim

Tournaments NOT covered in Tuition:

Boys end of season 2014 Junior National Championships in Reno, NV
27th Annual Las Vegas Classic
Junior National Qualifier-Las Vegas, NV
5th Annual Summer Soiree- Anaheim, CA
Arizona Volleyball Festival-Phoenix, AZ
Girls end of season 2014 Junior National Championship
AAU in Florida

Training methods and coaching are the specialty of the staff of Team WAVE. Players are expected to follow instructions and physically execute, to the best of their ability, any training maneuvers dictated by their coaches. All players are to attend practice sessions unless excused by their parents by phone call directly to the coach, designated team parent or director/head coach of their age group. Players with minor injuries or illness should attend practice session, when possible, for the purpose of observation and off-court study. Some teams may be required to do extra conditioning during their off-court hours.

Any disagreements that Team W.A.V.E. parents may have with any part of the club or coaching policies should be brought to the attention of the club director. Problems will be handled by arranging to discuss matters with the director and the coach involved. Be sure to address any issues in a timely manner.

Additionally, players may be asked to try playing different positions to benefit his/her-self or team. The player and his or her parents will be informed of any such decision and explanations for these decisions will be discussed openly.

Our intent is to have all players playing in every tournament, though this is NOT guaranteed. The club tuition/fees guarantee advanced training and practice time and should not be considered a guarantee of continuous tournament playing time. It is the intent of the training philosophy to insure that all players will receive tournament playing time. But equal playing time is not guaranteed.

Parents, please remember that your player has jointed a TEAM. This team is incorporated into a CLUB. All of us would like to see your player achieve his or her highest possible potential in this sport. His or her ultimate goal should be as a member of his or her team.
Please also keep in mind that our objectives may be serious, but the game of volleyball is just that – a game. It should be a pleasurable experience for your player. Parent involvement should always remain positive and supportive to both the player and her team.

Direct line to Daron Forbes/Club Director 310-547-7486


1701 Marine Ave
Manhattan Beach

We often have great weather at the beginning and end of the season, which would allow coaches to call a beach practice.

Durning Winter and Spring breaks, and other holiday breaks, there may be alternate times or sites for practice, or cancellations, depending on coaches vacation schedules or gym availability. Practice times may also be limited during school final exam weeks and graduation activities.

In the event of any unexpected scheduling problems, practices may need to be canceled. Unscheduled cancellations of practices will be made up according to court availability. If a team’s regular coach can not make a scheduled practice, every effort will be made to have a substitute coach available.

Parents and players driving to tournament sites are responsible for awareness of the parking regulations of those facilities. For practice site parking restrictions, check posted signs. The club is not responsible for fines or citations incurred at or in any practice or tournament facility.

Team W.A.V.E. maintains a strict code of conduct during practice, tournaments and while the teams travel. Adherence to these rules will ensure that Team W.A.V.E. reputation as an organization of disciplined, well-coached athletes that display good sportsmanship at all times will be established and long-standing. These rules are simple:

* Practice attire shall consist of: dark spandex shorts and Team W.A.V.E. practice shirts, socks and knee pads
* Do not wear or use any attire or equipment from your previous club affiliations at any practice or tournament.
* While at practice or tournaments, keep all bags, water bottles, jackets, sweats, and personal items stored in your bag and under a chair.
* BE ON TIME – No excuses!
* Clean up after yourselves
* Cell phones will be put away while at practice.
At Tournaments:
* Players are to wear Team W.A.V.E. outerwear, uniforms, practice gear, shoes, socks and knee pads at all tournaments
* Follow all tournament site rules and regulations, per SCVA
* No heckling of opposing teams or opposing team supporters/spectators
* No derogatory comments, foul language, or aggressive challenging of referee’s calls
* Always display good sportsmanship
* When serving as court score keepers and line judges, players will direct their attention only on the job at hand:
* Every player will learn official score keeping
* Score flippers will pay close attention to the referee for correct scoring
* Line judges will pay close attention to foot faults, and making the best call possible
* The entire team will stay through everyone’s refereeing assignments

Parents are encouraged to attend practice and tournaments, but must follow these guidelines.

Parents and spectators will refrain from commenting on any other players abilities to one another or to their own child. Parents and spectators will also not question aloud the practice techniques, drills or time management of the team and coach. Some of the things we see in practice or at tournaments may be difficult to understand, therefore if you need clarification, please do so in the following manner:

If you have a concern for the coach, the practice session, or the tournament, the time before or after is not an appropriate time or place to discuss your concerns. After a minimum of 24 hours post practice or tournament for all parties to cool off and reflect, you can then make arrangements for a separate meeting or phone call with the coach or club director. This is to avoid other players or parents overhearing, and possibly misinterpreting any conversation. Be sure to meet with the coach or directors early if there are issues. Do not wait until the end of the season to address your or your player’s concerns.

Parents and spectators will not be allowed to gather on the gym floor or on the courts at AdventurePlex. Parents and spectators are not registered with USVBA/SCVA and thus are not covered by our liability insurance. Parents and spectators will not bring water containers to players during practice. The players are capable of shagging balls and getting their own water and ample breaks will be given.

Parents must get their player to practice ON TIME. If for some reason you know in advance you will be late to practice you must contact the coach to advise so that he or she is aware. Practices are designed with all players on the team in mind. When one player is missing or late the coach may need to changes things for the better of the team. It’s not fair to the other players who show up on time if someone is always late. This is a TEAM sport and every player on the team is needed at practice on time in order to practice as a team.

A season can be ruined for your player, or the team, by just one negative comment to a coach, another parent or player. All of the athletes are here to learn volleyball, play as TEAM members, and to develop and improve their skills to the best of their physical and mental potential. Some will have the opportunities to play beyond their high school careers. The pressures and demands made on them by the sport alone are great enough. The added intensity of their parents feelings can be overwhelming. Rest assured that your player, will be taught the game and techniques of volleyball and of Team WAVE. Keep your player prepared for individual and team achievements by supporting the player and his/her coach and teammates.

The Team W.A.V.E. club season is approximately eight months long, beginning in November for GIRLS practices. The BOYS season 16u and up starts in October beginning with practices. The high school boys season has a mid break from January 20th through May 25th and conclude mid to late June. Team W.A.V.E. BOYS 16u and up club season is approximately six months.

Regular season tournaments are generally scheduled the week of tournament day. You can start checking the site the Wednesday of the scheduled weekend tournament. Sometimes the postings come up as late as Thursday. Always check the night before your tournament, just in case changes are made. Although it does not happen often. Changes have been made on a Friday night with location, playing schedule, etc. The sites for the SCVA tournaments are scheduled on a rotating basis.

Tournament dates and sites, division standings and directions to sites are available on the SCVA web site : www.scvavolleyball.org. For players in their first year of club competition we offer some tips about tournament day: Tournaments generally last five to six hours., some up to 12 hours. For early season qualifiers and regional finals you may be scheduled to play a morning wave – beginning at 8:00 a.m. or an afternoon wave – beginning at 2:00 p.m. You will be required to report to your tournament site approximately 1 hour prior to the first scheduled match weather you are playing, sitting, or have referee assignments. Most regular season tournaments begin in the morning. You should pack enough food for one good meal plus plenty of healthy snacks, water and or Gatorade. Some tournaments my provide a snack bar, but do not count on this to provide your meals. Your are also encouraged to bring a chair and blanket to spread out for rest between matches. You may have as much as a two hour break between matches, not including refereeing duties.
All players, families and other spectators are asked to keep all food, coolers and beach chairs outside all tournament facilities. Per SCVA rules. Only water containers are allowed in the gyms and should contain only water. Also, there are NO ANIMALS allowed at any tournament facility (with the exception of assistance animals). The SCVA forbids barbecue cooking at any facility. You will put your team at risk

Some of the teams will be selectively entering additional tournaments during the season. These tournaments are very important to our players that are seeking athletic scholarship opportunities, and to qualify for the Junior National tournaments. Expenses incurred for these trips will be the responsibility of the individual player and his/her family. Three day tournaments require four total days of travel and additional tournament cost will be passed on per player. The end of the year tournaments (seven to eight days in duration) will be charged on rates for tournament entry fee, travel expenses for coach(s), ground and/or air transportation, breakfast, dinner and lodging for coaches. This rate will be determined when it is decided which tournament your team will be attending. This expense can range from $500-$1800.(estimated). The rate will also be determined on weather or not girls will share a room or stay with parents.

All Team W.A.V.E. pre-pays airfare, lodging and ground transportation, all fees for travel are to be paid before the player will be allowed to compete. It is imperative that the player’s expenses are paid on time. Families planning to travel to support their player should make sure the player’s expenses are paid before considering their own travel. Travel fees are not refundable.

Potential travel tournaments are listed below. “Team W.A.V.E.” will be traveling to the Junior National Volleyball Qualifiers and Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships or other USAV, AAU Volleyball in Florida, Arizona Volleyball Volleyball Festival.

Junior National Championships (boys 14-18u) Reno, Nevada TBD
28Th ANNUAL LAS VEGAS CLASSIC (Girls 17/18u) Las Vegas, TBD
AAU National Volleyball Tournament (Girls 15-18u) Orlando,FL. June TBD

High school juniors and seniors may be in a position of fielding scholarship offers or seeking scholarship opportunities. Team W.A.V.E. will assist any interested players. The initiative to enter this process must come from the individual player, and there may be additional cost involved in the form of school application fees or videotaping. Each player will have the responsibility of answering any correspondence received by the club on his or her behalf, of writing their own resume, and initiating further assistance from the staff of Team W.A.V.E..

We request that family members attend the weekly tournaments and travel tournaments conduct themselves in a dignified manner. We WILL NOT TOLERATE any derogatory comments made out loud, or to any opposing team’s players, coaches or spectators, or to court referees or site directors. Although it is rare in this sport, in the event of harassment from another team’s group, complaints should be registered with the court referee (between games or matches) and/or with the site director of the tournament location. Please do not directly confront anyone with whom you have a disagreement, including the referees or anyone within the team. You and your player are representing Team WAVE at these events and we would like our reputation to remain in good standing. As a reminder, please do not bring any food, coolers, beach chairs or animals into any tournament facility.

Additionally, Team W.A.V.E. coaches are not to be interrupted during tournaments or practice. Parents are welcome to observe practice sessions, but disturbing any coach during practice and at tournaments will not be allowed (for the well-being of both the players and the coaches). Practice and tournament time is not the time for in-depth discussion about your player. Please make arrangements to talk to the coach or the director at a later time by phone or in person. Aggressive actions or verbal assaults toward any coach, player or other parent will not be tolerated.

Consequences and penalties
Failure to follow the parent/spectator guidelines may result in any of the following: parent/spectator being barred from tournaments or practices; or in severe cases, when warnings are repeatedly ignored or defied, the player’s expulsion from the club. In the event of expulsion, no refunds will be given for payment of tuition and/or travel. In the case of failure to meet the tuition requirements, the consequences noted in the portion under FEES will apply. We hope that we have made our intentions very clear with regard to these policies.

Player/Parent goals
Please give your player every opportunity to rise to his or her own athletic potential. Make sure your player attends all practices on time and commits to all tournaments the team has been entered in. Expect honest feedback from Team W.A.V.E. staff with regard to your player’s progress, abilities or limitations. Every effort will be made to help motivated player to improve his or her skills.




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