About Us

Predicated on the core values of athletics: Honesty & Integrity, Accountability & Responsibility, Respect & Compassion, and Commitment & Hard Work; We Are Volleyball Elite will open life opportunities for the youth of the Greater Los Angeles area.

We Are Volleyball Elite is a youth volleyball program for kids of all ages in Southern California. W.A.V.E. is committed to providing players with quality coaching in a positive and edifying manner. Players will receive training both physically, mentally, and morally through a variety of new and innovative coaching approaches.

W.A.V.E. emphasizes that players be students first and athletes second. The player’s personal welfare is our highest priority. W.A.V.E. players are the most important asset, thus we surround our players with role models; good morals attract good people. W.A.V.E. coaches will be held to higher standards and will regard themselves as teachers first and foremost. All interactions between coaches, players, and parents will promote the use of Teamwork; the star of the team is the team. W.A.V.E. strives to build a team filled with camaraderie and respect. W.A.V.E. will also play an integral role within the community through various outreach programs to fulfill our responsibility of public service. W.A.V.E. commits to developing our players to reach the highest level of maturity in athletics, academics, and interpersonal skills.

We Are Volleyball Elite’s now in our second season, We are starting off strong by bringing the best coaching staff from top to bottom with the acquisitions of Jose Loiola, Marcio Sicoli, Ozz Borges, Sydney Donahue, Skyler McCoy, Jordon Dyer, and Jeff lnada  and all of the aforementioned are highly acclaimed coaches from the beach and indoor scenes. You can check out their credentials by clicking WAVE.

We also have some of the nicest facilities in the South Bay area as the home of Team WAVE. Adventure Plex is a marvel upon sight and that’s just the outside. Located off of Marine and Aviation, Adventure Plex gives Team WAVE a nice central location that is easily accessible for players coming from all areas.


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